Our Company

Elektrik Horse s.r.l. designs and offers a wide range of products: from panels and wirings, to automation panels, on board plants, PLC management software for automation in a small, middle and large scale.

Elektrik Horse guarantees each of its manufacturing phases: consulting and planning, assembling, wiring, test planning, spare parts management, technical specifications and certifications.   

The aim of our Company is to get a full knowledge of our trade sector and to anticipate its evolutions, by giving immediate answers to the market.

Innovation and experience represent our biggest strength assets.

We are at our Customer’s disposal and thanks to our know-how and our structure, we are able to guarantee a high level of production efficiency and flexibility.

We constantly revise and improve our managerial and operations criteria, such as, Learn Manufacturing, 5S and 6 Sigma activities. During such phases, we involve our sector supervisors, as well as out line operators.

With the aim of guaranteeing excellent safety and quality standards to its Customers, Elektrik Horse has decided to be a partner of Sivacon Alpha Network, a national network of qualified technicians that put their expertise at the Customer’s disposal to offer low-voltage electrical panelboards.    

Elektrik Horse handles each phase of the manufacturing process with the utmost care to offer the best quality standards for the elements that influence the mechanical and electrical performances of its products: from the choice of the components, to the optimization of the product’s layout.