Electrical Panels

An electric panel is the main interface used by men to manage, control and distribute electricity.

Elektrik Horse has acquired a specific expertise in the fields of: design activities, production, installation and customer service.

The choices made allowed our Company to reach its goal: to create systems with variable configurations that can face the market’s requests.

In recent years, the conception, as well as the use of electrical boards, have changed. This process has been supported by a strict cooperation between manufacturers and users.

We are able to realize small-size series deriving from prototype plants realized by our Company, according to the Customer’s requests.

We produce boards and industrial, tertiary, or civilian plants for areas under risk of explosion (ATEX) and applications for specific certifications.

Each board is pre-tested both in our firm and in the Customer’s plant.

The design phase represents an important part of our processes, as well as the components choice and the optimization of the layout, in order to supply winning system solutions to our customers.

Our variety of electrical panels includes:

Electrical Panels for Civilian use
Electrical Panels for Automation Purposes
Electrical Distribution Panels
Pneumatic Panels

We are able to supply metallic carpentries in painted steel, stainless steel AISI 304, 316, aluminium and galvanized panels.

For middle/big series, our structure can establish delivery lots, in accordance with the Customer’s needs/requirements.

Thanks to a close cooperation between our experts and Customers, we have decided to offer systems for the productions of electrical boards both modular, or in pre-assembled kits.